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Kpowr4ever 04-29-11 02:46 PM

Series of Skull Rattling Punches
This entire series, the two teams... we are evenly matched. I'm not a big fan of boxing, but i can't help but allude to that sport.

The Grizzlies' landed a jab & upper cut combo on us with the Battier 3 and the Randolph 3. We were able to recover from the jab, but the upper cut staggered us for two games.

Then we swung and connected with a huge hook, right on the Grizzlies' chin with Neal's 3. I hope it's enough to stagger the Grizz for two games like their upper cut did to us.

Our three point %, Parker's overall %, Manu's improving arm, Neal's boost in confidence, Pop's discovery of Tiago....

I think the force/odds are with us.

Everyone, bring your A-Game. That means wear multiple Spurs gear, layer them if you have to, if u r one of the ones who jinxes the team by watching, by all means sacrifice for the good of the entire Spurs nation and don't watch. Bring your charms, your game rituals, your prayers, your everything.

GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!

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