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ProjectGSX 07-05-11 09:02 AM

Spursreport blocked as "malicious site"
SmartFilter has added SR.com to their list of malicious sites. You may want to contact them and have that changed.

Dulce 07-05-11 09:34 AM

Thanks. We will look into it.

ProjectGSX 07-31-11 10:18 AM

FYI - still blocked.

ProjectGSX 11-10-11 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by ProjectGSX (Post 1256504)
FYI - still blocked.

Same. Not sure it matters since there wont be a season.

fabio 02-04-12 09:24 PM

My ESET just got crazy twice this week when visiting SR

Mombear 02-04-12 09:52 PM

Yeah it sucks because there is some ad server on here that we can't get rid of and it's causing that message to pop up. :(

Dulce 03-21-12 11:19 PM


ProjectGSX 10-11-12 09:56 AM

Hey thanks for getting the site unblocked guys.

samstheman 02-23-16 09:07 AM

This is happening at my work. It says it's blocked because it is a malicious site. Can this be fixed? I'm able to use this site through my phone

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