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alh1020 07-23-10 05:46 PM

Darth Vader-Masked Man Robs New York Bank
Published July 23, 2010
| NYPost.com

Luuuuuke, I am your robber!

Times sure must be tough on the Death Star these days, as Darth Vader stooped to holding up a Long Island bank on Thursday, police officials said.

A robber dressed up as the "Star Wars" villain for a heist that likely netted enough cash to fill up a TIE fighter with gas for a couple of days.

As he robbed the Setauket Chase branch, the Sith Lord brandished a weapon for a more civilized age -- a semiautomatic handgun.

There was no telling whether he needed to use the force to make bank employees comply, cops said, but at one point, the Vader invader kneeled as if speaking to the Emperor and aimed his gun.

"He immediately displayed a gun and demanded cash from the teller," said Suffolk County Detective Sgt. William Lamb.

Apparently Darth's normal costume was out for cleaning, since the robber was caught on tape wearing a blue cape and camouflage pants when he showed up at the branch on Route 374 at 11:30 a.m.

After grabbing his cash, Vader escaped on foot through a parking lot.

Michael Aloisio, who works at a nearby restaurant, saw Vader run by.

"I thought it was pretty comical, but I guess this guy was pretty serious about needing some money," he said.

Det. Sgt. William Lamb said no one was injured by the thief, described as being between 6 feet and 6 feet 2 inches tall, though there was a minor scuffle inside the bank.

"After doing this for 28 years, nothing surprises me anymore but this was a unique one," Lamb told MyFoxNY.

FOXNews.com - Darth Vader-Masked Man Robs New York Bank

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