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alh1020 06-07-10 07:02 PM

Osbourne wants to leave body to science
Rocker Ozzy Osbourne wants to donate his body to science, insisting it's a "medical miracle" he's still alive after years of partying hard.

The Black Sabbath star is baffled he has managed to survive to the age of 61 and is convinced doctors and scientists would benefit from dissecting and studying his body after he dies.

He says, "By all accounts, I'm a medical miracle. When I die, I should donate my body to the Natural History Museum. It's all very well going on a bender for a couple of days but mine went on for 40 years. At one point, I was knocking back four bottles of cognac a day, blacking out, coming to again and carrying on."

The "Dreamer" hitmaker has struggled with an addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs, and was hospitalized with severe injuries after he was involved in a quad bike accident in 2003.

But he admits he has always had concerns about his health: "I happen to be the world's worst
hypochondriac. I will catch a disease off the telly. Being ill is like a hobby. I've even started to diagnose my own diseases, thanks to Google."

Dulce 06-07-10 10:55 PM

:lol thanks to google. :laugh

Jason R 06-08-10 04:30 PM

Four bottles of Cognac a day? Even I'd get sick of that after a while.

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