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jput 02-02-10 02:24 AM

Some of you know, that I have been having some health issues (to what extent I've told you, not sure). I've had these issues for about 8 years. Yes I said 8 years. Well, it's been off & on for the last 8 years. The last 2 years have not been fun, but today I got good news. Last week I underwent a procedure called an ERCP. They go down your throat with a camera down to your bile ducts & pancreas. What they found has been the problem for a long time. They found sludge, with gravel like debris in my bile ducts & in my pancreas. The gravel like debris was small gall stones, but not full on stones. That crap has caused me hell for 8 years. I have had 3 confirmed cases of pancreatitis (hurts like hell) & several unconfirmed cases (nutted up & dealt with the pain). So, now they are going to take out my gall bladder. FINALLY!!. I told a surgeon 3 years ago to take it out. He said no that i needed more testing. My gastroenterologist, didn't want me to do more testing & blamed it on alcohol abuse (despite explaining to him that I am not an alcoholic). The gatro doc decided to do the procedure & glad he did. Although, I'm kinda pissed that he & the surgeon have cost me thousands of dollars. So, make sure if something is wrong you get all available testing done. It may cost you, but it could save lots of money in the long run. And always ask for 2nd & 3rd opinions!

Mombear 02-02-10 07:43 AM

Sorry to hear about all this. :(

I hate doctors... you tell them what's wrong with you and they tell you no that's not it. :banghead

I hope you recover quickly and safely. :)

Jason R 02-02-10 11:01 AM

May I recommend Coptis, Curama, Chinese Bitters, GCG and Stone Free before you resort to surgery?

jput 02-02-10 05:46 PM


Originally Posted by Jason R (Post 1183735)
May I recommend Coptis, Curama, Chinese Bitters, GCG and Stone Free before you resort to surgery?

Tried the Chinese Bitters & the Stone Free. No help. Surgery is the option now.

It's gotten to the point that when I eat, I feel horrible & have pain. So, I'm ready to rip that little SOB out! lol

Jason R 02-03-10 12:57 AM

Just thought I'd throw in my two cents :) I take them myself, as a fellow gallbladder sufferer. Though I think you're obviously in more dire straits than myself.

Dasher 02-03-10 11:32 AM

In the mean time have one of these:


Jason R 02-04-10 12:13 AM

It's game over for your pains!

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