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Dulce 01-08-10 11:59 AM

How Cold Was It Last Night????

The Fountain at La Fogata.


jput 01-08-10 04:36 PM

A few days of cold isn't that bad. I'm in town & not even wearing a jacket today. The wind has a little bite to it. But since y'all aren't used to it, I'll be nice. Especially, since I'm not used to the humidity filled heat anymore.

Dulce 01-08-10 07:05 PM


Mombear 01-08-10 07:06 PM

It's suppose to rain next week. Welcome back to SA. :banana

Dulce 01-09-10 12:03 AM

ugh rain.

Dulce 01-09-10 04:26 AM

Who isn't cold??? http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/6749/smileycold2.gif


Jason R 01-09-10 02:08 PM

I have a Tweedy I wear when I'm in the northeast. Ive been putting it on recently because of the temperature drops here, and joked to my students that we were having some fine New York weather. Didn't realize how true that statement was.

shelden 01-10-10 01:27 AM

Global warming, my frozen...foot.

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