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Jason R 01-01-10 07:01 PM

About Last Night...
Three bottles of cider. One bottle of white wine. One bottle of red wine. Half a bottle of another white wine. And finished with half a bottle of whisky.

So. Any challengers?

Dulce 01-01-10 08:51 PM

3 bottles of water, 2 diet 7ups and a cup of diet Raspberry Cranberry juice.

I was really thirsty. :beer


Jason R 01-01-10 10:03 PM


WhiteChocolateJr 01-02-10 12:29 PM

Forty-second street. One and a half million people. Dozens of metal "holding pens." One sprained ankle.

Jason R 01-02-10 05:00 PM

The metal pens are a part of New York NYE I can do without.

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