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Dasher 12-13-09 03:44 AM

Conjugal Harmony Dating Site
Conjugal Harmony Dating Site
By: Michael Goshen

Conjugal harmony dating site is one of the few dating sites that offer males and females the option to get to date and marry individuals in correctional facilities. This unique site offers many options for your dating needs. Conjugal harmony dating site has a few testimonials one is "I have finally found a woman with the right amount of rights and privileges for my need." There are a few other testimonials from satisfied customers with similar messages. Conjugal harmony dating site is one of the scariest and funniest dating sites I have ever seen. It might give eHarmony a run for its money.

Conjugal harmony dating site has many wonderful candidates for dating and marring. Their service provides arranging meetings with the female and male inmates, prenuptial agreement, marriage licensing and all the details in between.

They have many different candidates such as Fisty, or Mexi-cal-Rose that want to meet someone like you. They offer Name, Age, State, Hobbies and interests, Convictions, and why you should give these woman or men another chance in the bio's.

Conjugal Harmony dating site is located out of California. This service is offered in six out of the fifty states, California, Mississippi, Connecticut, New Mexico, Washington and New York. This service only utilizes woman or men who are going to be in prison for life, so you can have conjugal visits without the hassle of having to deal with that partner outside of the time allocated by the state.

They have a wonderful FAQ section to answer any of your concerns or questions. Such questions that they address is what states offer this service, or details about having more than one wife in prison. They say that it is possible, but illegal and the states don't check or care most of the time unless it is brought to their attention.

Conjugal Harmony dating site also states that same sex marriages are not recognized in the prison system outside of California, and it must be an existing same sex marriage. Therefore they are unable to help homosexual cliental. If you are interested in checking out this dating service go (Here) and check out the site for yourself.

Conjugal Harmony Dating Site - TRCB


FairWeatherFan 12-13-09 09:50 PM

that can't possibly be for real, can it?

Dulce 12-14-09 04:32 AM

Wow that's crazy. :lol

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