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jput 09-15-09 12:24 AM

We have a new Spurs fan
I haven't posted much here since the end of the season, but I just wanted to share my good news with y'all.

On 9/9/09, my wife gave birth to the newest Spurs fan, Caiden. Now, I have a son I can teach & show how basketball should be played, by the greatest team & organization in the world.

Dasher 09-15-09 12:28 AM

Congratulations jput!!! :celebrate

Jason R 09-15-09 12:35 AM

Congrats dude :)

admiralsnackbar 09-15-09 01:52 AM

Enjoy, man :)

joballer 09-15-09 05:43 AM

Felicidades, amigo :)

kidd_91 09-15-09 09:09 AM

that's awesome! Congrats.

spurs fan removed 09-15-09 10:18 AM


congrats. and it's good to see you'll be raising him up right!

Jules 09-16-09 08:32 AM

That's a neat birthday, congratulations!

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