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Eddy from Austin 08-27-09 06:19 PM

Cops set man on fire
Daniel C. Wood is Fired Up
Thursday, August 20th, 2009


Wait that should read that he was on fire, thanks to the cops of Lancaster, OH. Seems Daniel Wood (who looks fabulous in his photo btw) was just having a "me" night out by inhaling some aerosol cans, huffing some gas fumes and running around in traffic. Pretty harmless fun.

After resisting arrest the cops had enough and tasered him. Only problem is that you shouldn't taser people that have been in contact with gas. It's right there in the instructions book. Daniel caiught on fire and the cops had to put him out and take him to the hospital for burns.

The kicker? From the orginal article it sounds like it was their first time out with the tasers. Not a good record. Maybe they should just back to the old way of dealing with him. Daniel has over 50 charges so it's not like he isn't known.

Read the whole story at the source:

Taser incident provides police with learning experience

Dasher 08-27-09 11:15 PM

:yikes that sucks - :lol

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