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HURRICANECUB 08-18-09 05:00 AM

Kmart confirms PS3 price cut and new model
Tuesday, 18 Aug 2009 09:47

Either the photoshopping ninja's are back, or Kmart is incredibly eager.

Well, now this is interesting. We've seen the photoshoped ads and we've seen price cuts on the French Toys 'R' Us, but this is the first US retailer to feature an advertisement on their official website.

Kmart boasts with the following clickable ad, that "The rumours are reality: new low price and a new exciting PlayStation 3."

Are they having some fun? Mentioning rumours and spelling PlayStation with a lower-case 's' raise alarms (especially after the fake Kmart ad), but it's definitely hosted on their front page.

When you click on the banner, it leads to their PS3 product page, with no new prices on show, so they must be under a non-disclosure agreement - an NDA that they've surely broken with their teasing.

All we do know is that Kmart will have zero PS3 sales today, with all their customers waiting for the presumed imminent cut.


Dasher 08-18-09 05:05 AM

:lol daymn

HURRICANECUB 08-18-09 05:10 AM

i was on the Sony forums there's a lot of talk about the ps3 slim coming out in September 1st but ill believe it when i see it in person :)

Jason R 08-18-09 05:54 AM

PS3 needs some life support man. Love mine but I know too many who won't buy one.

HURRICANECUB 08-18-09 05:31 PM

just looked on best buy they already drop to $299

PlayStation 3 Hardware - BestBuy

Dulce 08-19-09 01:10 AM

Are you sure it's not a photoshopped ad? :lol

HURRICANECUB 08-19-09 03:38 AM

na check walmart , target sams they all have it for 299.99

heres 2 videos

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