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Dasher 08-13-09 05:23 AM

Judge fines Microsoft, stops Word sales
Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 6:55am PDT | Modified: Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 6:59am
Judge fines Microsoft, stops Word sales
San Francisco Business Times

A judge in Texas has stopped Microsoft Corp. from selling copies of its Word software that can open files containing XML because of patent infringement.

The software giant has incorporated XML features into Word since 2003. But Toronto business i4i Ltd. sued in 2007, saying Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) infringed one of its 1998 patents. In May, Microsoft was fined some $200 million for patent infringement.

A new order from a Texas federal judge on Tuesday has stopped sales of Microsoft Word in the United States until a final judgment is reached.

Microsoft will have to pay more fines, too, until that final decision. In total, the fines add up to around $290 million.

News reports suggest Microsoft will likely appeal the decision.

Judge fines Microsoft, stops Word sales - San Francisco Business Times:

Spurnation 08-13-09 11:55 AM

If i4i wins on Microsoft's appeal, the door is wide open for other software developers to win their case against Microsoft for similar reasons.

I thought if software was developed to work in microsoft that the copyrights remained with the developer while proceeds were shared by both the developer and Microsoft?

Did Microsoft develop their own software based on i4i's version?

Jason R 08-13-09 01:09 PM

Judges don't know how to handle technology.

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