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spurscrazed 07-26-09 01:33 AM

YouTubeVideo: Jill and Kevin Wedding Entrance Dance
A wedding entrance dance to Forever...yeah, forever.

It took place at a Church in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Dulce 07-26-09 01:35 AM

that actually was pretty lame.

spurscrazed 07-26-09 01:51 AM

Maybe it was too much... But it was an innovative new idea I will give them that...:)

Dulce 07-26-09 02:01 AM

yeah it was cool but then they dragged it out.

Actually it reminded me of that episode of Fresh Prince where Jazzy Jeff got married and they actually came down the aisle like that. I have never laughed so hard watching that episode. :laugh :laugh :laugh

spurscrazed 07-26-09 02:31 AM

I think they did take it longer than they should, but it was all for fun and celebrating.:p

LOL I do remember that episode and it was hilarious... :lol

Hey this dance demands a lot of courage and guts infront of all those people attending in Church. I give all the dancers high points for doing that... Not as easy as it look.

Jason R 08-04-09 02:12 AM

It's actually quite amazing from a sociological perspective. That video has 15.5 million views on it. That's extraordinary!

Dulce 08-04-09 03:13 AM

It was on Yahoo!'s front page for a while. That's probably why so many hits.

joballer 08-04-09 04:46 AM

who says white people can't dance! :D

Dasher 08-04-09 08:59 AM


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