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Dasher 07-18-09 10:41 PM

Wienermobile crashes into home
MOUNT PLEASANT, Wis., July 18 (UPI) -- The Oscar Mayer hot dog company probably didn't relish the apology it had to issue after its famed Wienermobile crashed into a Mount Pleasant, Wis., house.


Sydney Lindner, a spokeswoman for the company, a division of Kraft Foods based in Chicago, said Oscar Mayer would work with insurance companies after an unidentified 22-year-old driver of the hot dog-shaped vehicle managed to slam it into a home Friday while trying to turn around on a dead-end street, WLUK-TV, Green Bay, Wis., reported.

Company officials say Oscar Mayer's fleet of 27-foot-long hot dogs on wheels seat six and travel across the country promoting the brand's line of hot dog, bologna and deli meats.

But on Friday, neighbors say, the Wienermobile got sandwiched into a tight spot. Witnesses told WITI-TV, Milwaukee, the woman driving the vehicle accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake, lodging the novelty car under a house.

A tow truck was used to dislodge the Wienermobile from its pickle, the station said.

cheesehead4spurs 07-18-09 11:28 PM

I didn't know they delivered...:D

Dasher 07-18-09 11:32 PM


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