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Sparkle 07-17-09 10:05 PM

Celebrity Phobias and Obsessions
Celebrity Phobias and Obsessions
Getback.com - July 17, 2009 12:12 PM PDT

Cameron Diaz may seem carefree in most of her movies, but the "Charlie's Angels" star gets grossed out by door handles and refuses to touch them with her bare hands. Instead, she uses her elbows to turn the knobs. While she claims she's not a germaphobe, she sounds like one to us. Cameron's in good company, however, as there are many celebrities who've confessed to strange phobias and obsessions through the years.

Whoopi Goldberg: Afraid of Flying
Whoopi Goldberg seems to have her act together. Currently the moderator on "The View," Whoopi is an Oscar, Grammy, Tony, Golden Globe, and Emmy-winning actress and comedian, and she seems genuinely loved and respected by her peers. But up until recently, Whoopi had a debilitating fear of flying and would travel across country in her own bus when she needed to go coast to coast. When Goldberg's "Sister Act" became a musical and was set to debut in London's West End, it became clear that the bus was not an option. She agreed to have representatives from Virgin Atlantic's Flying Without Fear program help her address her phobia. And not only has Whoopi gone to London to support her show, she's also made surprise visits to her family and trips to Las Vegas to perform at the Encore Theater (which had been dark since the unexpected death of headliner Danny Gans).

Billy Bob Thornton: Afraid of Antiques
It's not surprising that Billy Bob Thornton is a quirky guy (do we have to remind everyone that he and his ex-wife Angelina Jolie used to wear vials of each other's blood around their necks?), but B.B. has a phobia that's even odd by his standards. The actor says he's "creeped out" by antique furniture, and not so much American antiques as French Antiques. Billy is so fearful of being near the "castle-y" (as he calls them) artifacts that he says he can't sleep or eat near them and makes sure to call ahead to hotels to ensure that there are none in his suite before he checks in.

Daniel Radcliffe: Afraid of Clowns
You'd think a guy who's gone head-to-head with Dementors and He Who Shall Not Be Named wouldn't be afraid of anything anymore. But Daniel Radcliffe, who plays the world's most powerful wizard, has a fear of clowns. And he's not the only famous coulrophobic star: Johnny Depp and P. Diddy dread the circus entertainers, too.

Nicole Kidman: Afraid of Butterflies
You'd think a delicate actress like Nicole Kidman would find beauty in the fragility of a butterfly. But she's actually terrified of them. Growing up in the Australian countryside, Nic says she would sometimes come home from school to find a giant butterfly on her front gate, and she'd take a circuitous route over the fence and around the side of the house to avoid the insect. As an adult she's gone so far as to walk into the American Museum of Natural History's butterfly cage and allow the butterflies to cover her. But she still can't shake the fear.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Afraid of Graveyards
Oh, the irony. Sarah Michelle Gellar, the star of TV's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" has a fear of graveyards and admits that she's had nightmares of being buried alive. Lucky for her, the set-dressing wizards on "Buffy" were able to create phony grave sites so that Gellar never had to shoot in a real cemetery.

Madonna: Afraid of Thunder
If Lourdes, Rocco, David, and Mercy James get freaked out by thunder and lighting storms, they're going to have to sing "My Favorite Things" all by themselves. Their mother, Madonna, probably wouldn't be of much use helping the kids get over any anxiety about nature's racket: the Material Girl is profoundly afraid of thunder.

Christina Ricci: Afraid of Indoor Plants
If you're going over to Christina Ricci's place and want to bring a little hostess gift, get her a bottle of wine or a nice scented candle. Do NOT get her a houseplant. She's notoriously afraid of indoor greenery, calling the plants dirty and allegedly getting freaked out if she has to touch one.

Matthew McConaughey: Afraid of Tunnels and Revolving Doors
You'd probably guess that Matthew McConaughey is afraid of shirts, since he seems to wear them so infrequently. But Matthew actually has two irrational fears: tunnels and revolving doors. He says he doesn't fear the whole tunnel experience, just the moment of entry when it's difficult to see beyond the first ten feet. As for revolving doors, McConaughey says he feels anxious just getting near them. Maybe that's why he spends so much time outdoors.

Kim Kardashian: Obsessed With Q-Tips
No one likes a dirty ear, but Kim Kardashian is apparently obsessed with making sure hers are sparkly clean. The reality TV star admits to being obsessed with Q-tips, confessing that she uses them at least five times every day.

Howie Mandel: Hates Shaking Hands
How does a game show host who has a fear of shaking hands greet his contestants? By doing the fist bump, of course. At least that's what the admitted germaphobe and OCD sufferer Howie Mandel does. But contrary to popular belief, Howie didn't create the modern hello. The pound can be traced back to Baltimore Bullets guard Fred Carter in the 1970s.

Reporting by Amy and Nancy Harrington, GetBack.com

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