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Sparkle 07-15-09 04:37 PM

In honor of Richard Jefferson-Top 5 Worst Times to be Dumped
Top 5 Worst Times to be Dumped
by Apple, 3 hours 33 minutes ago

Breakups are never fun but a reality. Recently Jessica Simpson was dumped by long time boyfriend, Tony Romo, the day before her 29th birthday. With a huge themed party planned, this had to be embarrassing to say the least. Today, we learn that San Antonio Spur player, Richard Jefferson, called off his wedding hours before the ceremony was to take place. Though breaking up is hard to do, there are times when it's just downright mean.

Top 5 Worst Times to be Dumped

Number 5: Christmas The presents have been bought. The tree trimmed and the eggnog served. The family is excited you are bringing home someone special and BAM!!! You're through. Instead of kissing under the mistletoe with your babe, you are crying into your pillow at night while caring less about what Santa brought you.

Number 4: Birthday Celebrating your birthday was supposed to be an exciting night of drinks and dinner with friends and your beau, but instead you find yourself single, breaking down and slobbering into your Appletini. Not a nice way to turn a year older.

Number 3: You find out you're sick: Real sick Coming home from the doctor's office with horrible news on your health's condition, your beau seems sympathetic holding you and comforting you on how it will all be alright. Afterwards you notice they have seemed distant, not returning your phone calls or making plans as much as usual. Just as you are beginning treatment on repairing your health, a phone call rocks your world. "It's not you , it's me". Nice.

Number 2: Someone close to you dies You knew your mother had been sick for awhile but the news of her death still shocks you to the core. Needing a shoulder to wail on, you call your significant other. They seem as distraught as you until when you need them the most, attending her funeral, something has come up and maybe a break is order for the relationship. Really sweet.

Number 1: At the altar Months of preparing and planning your wedding can be an exciting and stressful time but you think once this is all over, it will be back to normal in your relationship. Rings will be exchanged and a flight to the sea will be your reward in dealing with the pressures of wedding planning for the last couple of months. Dressed in your beautiful dress or tux waiting to see your loved one walking towards you, a stir in the crowd. Cold feet has claimed another couple. Awesome.

User post: Top 5 Worst Times to be Dumped - Love + Sex on Shine

Dasher 07-15-09 04:39 PM

wow, way to make a splash here in SA RJ.

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