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Jason R 06-21-09 01:32 AM

Free Iran

SleepyAdamII 06-21-09 11:36 AM

as long as we have an exit strategy.

alh1020 06-21-09 01:51 PM

Our president will utilize his leadership skills as a 'community leader' to handle the situation. The tensions existing in both Iran and Korea will test him and his adminstration as 9/11 tested Bush. Bush took the offensive -- which will our president choose?

SleepyAdamII 06-21-09 03:14 PM

I think we (USA) need to keep our distance. I think the citizenry of Iran believe in an Iran free of this Ayatollah's rule, but any direct US intervention could severely backfire on all considered. They don't want occupation, and we have no desire ( or should have no ) desire to occupy and ruin another middle eastern country. It's going to take time, patience, and courage of the Iranian people to free themselves. Any direct action by the US will only end up making things worse for all involved.

bevo 06-21-09 10:38 PM

Anyone see that Neda youtube video?

its REALLY disturbing...

We outta keep our distance on this one. Iranians need to kick the nuts out themselves.

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