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SAGA 06-16-09 05:10 PM

Eat Randall Lineback beef; save a breed
Tues. 16 Jun '09

Seriously Rare
Eat Randall Lineback beef; save a breed


Forget Kobe, forget wagyu: Randall Lineback is the rarest beef around, and you can get some of it only if Joe Henderson deems you worthy.

Nine years ago, the former Washington, D.C., consultant moved to Virginia to help a cow in danger of extinction. Henderson found that the best way to save the Randall Lineback--a breed that dates to Colonial times--was to raise it to be as delicious as possible. "You have to find jobs for them to make sure the breed will survive," he says.

Henderson's calves yield meat that is lean and bright red (he's dubbed it "Rose-Veal"), with more texture and flavor than usually associated with veal. Chefs have gone crazy for it, but Henderson handpicks the restaurants he supplies and sells whole animals exclusively.

He currently partners with five D.C.-area chefs, who got a bonus gift with their first delivery: A heavy-duty demolition saw to help them break down the animals.

Find Randall Lineback Rose-Veal at these chefs' restaurants:
• Cathal Armstrong: Restaurant Eve, Majestic, Eamon's Dublin Chipper
• Jeff Black: Addie's, Black's Bar and Kitchen, Black Market Bistro, BlackSaltFish
• Matt Hill: Charlie Palmer's Steak House
• Brian McBride: Blue Duck Tavern
• Robert Wiedmaier: Marcel's, Brasserie Beck, Brabo

Randall Linebacks at Chapel Hill Farm

SAGA 06-16-09 05:11 PM

Turn back the history book to limestone springs and open pastures...


Ranging free on the grasslands of historic Chapel Hill Farm and drinking only limestone spring water, the Randall Linebacks, America’s rarest breed, are multiplying. While the girls are increasing the herd, a “job” has been found for the surplus bulls by providing the discriminating and health-conscious gourmet the finest rose-veal in the world. This veal is served by some of the best chefs in America. In time, Chapel Hill will offer nuclear herds for others interested in conserving this critically endangered, and beautiful breed.

Between one and two hundred years ago, American farmers created the Lineback through mixing European breeds to form a distinct blend which would naturally withstand the special rigors of the New World and which would provide meat, dairy products, and oxen. These animals were the ideal breed for subsistence farming in America from New England through the Mid-Atlantic region. Many decades ago the Randall family of Vermont acquired Linebacks and kept them as a closed milking herd for several human generations. A genetic time capsule was thereby created. The Randall Linebacks at Chapel Hill are the direct descendants of the Vermont Randall herd. Our stock carries bloodlines rescued by Debbie Hamilton, Pat Hastings, Cynthia Creech, Amanda Perkins, and others, including a Canadian line.

Randall beef was on America’s table before feedlots, before antibiotics, and before growth hormones. Today, the Chapel Hill Randall Linebacks spend their lives eating natural grass and ranging free on the open fields of Virginia. Because of their genetic heritage, and because they eat grass, Randall Linebacks have finely grained meat with little intramuscular fat. Nature designed these ruminants to eat grass, not grain. Therefore, free-range, grass-fed rose veal from Chapel Hill is better for your health than commercial veal or beef. It is lower in fat and calories and higher in Omega-3s, Vitamin E, and CLA (substances which lower the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure and cancer). This meat has an intense clean taste and should be served rare if grilled or sautéed.

The Chapel Hill Farm, with its rambling stone house, is a National and Virginia historic landmark. It is named for the Old Chapel (rebuilt 1789) where great old Virginia names once worshipped – Lord Fairfax, George Washington, Bishop Meade, Carters, Randolphs, Byrds and Burwells. The ancient pastures with their limestone outcroppings are now home to the Randall Linebacks. Drinking water fresh from the Chapel Hill limestone spring, and free from growth hormones and antibiotics, the Chapel Hill Randall Linebacks range across hundreds of acres of grassland, living very much as they would have centuries ago.

Contact: Joe Henderson at the Chapel Hill Farm
P.O. Box 797 • Berryville, VA 22611
[email protected]
©2006 Chapel Hill Farm

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