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Guapo 04-16-09 10:41 AM

People Getting Fired Over Nude Pics
"Carlie Christine lost her job as a cheerleader coach at Casa Robles High School in Orangevale, Calif., after school officials learned that she had turned up nude in Playboy. At right, Christine appears in a shot for Playboy's 'Cyber Girl of the Week' for the week of Feb. 9.."


"Former Miss Nevada USA Katie Rees was stripped of her crown in 2006 after Miss USA pageant officials discovered raunchy pictures of her on the Internet. Many of the pictures show Rees bare-chested and posing in provocative positions with her friends."

"Bexar County probation officer Karla Escobar is currently under investigation by her department because of explicit photos of herself she has featured on a pornographic website.....Escobar has reportedly tried to have her pictures removed from the site, but, as she no longer has rights to the images, they’ve stayed up. Which is exactly why we never ended up becoming a Suicide Girl when we were jobless post-college."


School Board Trying to Terminate Austin High Art Teacher for Nude Photographs
The student went to the the Flickr page of photographer Celesta Danger and showed the entire class artistic photos of Hoover posing both fully-clothed and partially nude. In some photos she appears alone and in others she is with another model. Of course, putting up the nudes of the beautiful teacher, along with dozens of nudes of other models, sent shockwaves through the school.

The board says it's justified in seeking termination due to a moral turpitude clause that prohibits "base, vile, or depraved acts that are intended to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of the actor."

Carlie Christine Playboy

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