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Guapo 04-09-09 04:53 AM

Billy Bob Thorton is a jerk

obijon80 04-09-09 10:16 AM

I couldn't help it, but the whole clip was cracking me up. I wonder if he's pulling a "Joaquin." I've seen/heard him in other interviews in which he seemed pretty jovial.

TexasNative 04-09-09 01:13 PM

Anybody need a slightly used Billy Bob tat?


joballer 04-10-09 01:35 AM

This cracked me up too. The other band members look like they want to kick his @ss

admin 04-10-09 03:23 AM

I felt really bad for the other band members... It's almost like they are all saying "Dude.. We actually do this for a living. Chill out."

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