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Halberto 04-06-09 07:49 PM

Halbert My Brute

Has anyone started one of these? It's pretty simple, but it's a really cool concept.

Create a fighter! You'll get addicted immediately.

Dasher 04-06-09 08:18 PM

:wtf dude you kicked my ass.

:lol nice.

flox 04-06-09 08:21 PM

Chazz Duncan My Brute

I'm there too.

Dasher 04-06-09 08:50 PM


Originally Posted by flox (Post 1129323)
Chazz Duncan My Brute

I'm there too.

:owned :D

Halberto 04-08-09 02:44 AM

Anyone else make one? Mine got its ass kicked first round in a tournament by someone a level under me... my dude sucks

flox 04-08-09 01:01 PM

I'm getting owned. T_T

Dasher 04-08-09 09:16 PM

:lol @ flox

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