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Not-so-Smart 04-01-09 06:51 PM

Batman III news: Schumacher, Burton to join Nolan? Jim Carrey as the Riddler?!?!?!
I found this article:

In Contention — Oscars, Oscar buzz, Academy Awards, Oscar predictions

[COLOR=#000000]Troubling details of Nolan’s ‘Shadow of the Bat’ revealed[/COLOR]

Posted by [COLOR=#d43402]Kristopher Tapley[/COLOR] · 12:34 am · April 1st, 2009

http://incontention.com/wp-content/u.../03/shadow.jpgI really don’t know what to say about this. I understand Christopher Nolan is a progressive artist, a guy who understands both the necessity of shunning convention and the idea that what one may expect isn’t always the best solution. He’s proven it time and again with the films in his re-booted Batman franchise, starting at the top with a story that involved a villain largely unknown to the masses. He brought in Heath Ledger in a move some thought a bit too outside-the-box, and boy [COLOR=#d43402]were they wrong[/COLOR].
But bringing Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher on as creative producing figures? Having the gall to cast Carrey as the Riddler again (even though I’m strangely okay with sticking to the one-major-villain-per-film paradigm)? I’d follow Nolan to the ends of the earth, but even I can’t go along with his creative reasoning here, which sounds like the whims of a mad man. I mean, I dig the title (which a lot of us saw coming). It’s a nice nod to an extinct series of books. But the rest of it…I just…
From Variety:
Warner Brothers’ Batman franchise will take a third bow in the summer of 2012.
“Shadow of the Bat,” the sequel to 2008’s “The Dark Knight,” will introduce quiz-master villain the Riddler to audiences for a third time after the character appeared in the 1960s television series and 1995’s “Batman Forever.” Funny man Jim Carrey has been tapped to reprise the role in “Shadow,” while helmers Joel Schumacher and Tim Burton, the filmmakers behind the Caped Crusader’s first theatrical franchise, have been brought on as consultants to the production, which director Christopher Nolan says will be his final take on Gotham City.
“I felt it novel to tie this third and final chapter to the character’s roots on the screen,” Nolan said. “Tim and Joel had two completely different visions of the Batman, visions that contrast vastly with my own. But I don’t feel that negates the possibility of a creative convergence. Batman is more than the ideas of one person, of one team of artists. He is the result of seven decades of pop culture influence and innovation.”
WB is eying a May 2012 release date for the film to coincide with the 73rd anniversary of Batman’s first comic book appearance in 1939.
Nolan begins shooting his latest film, “Inception,” with Leonardo DiCaprio later this year for a 2010 release.


SleepyAdamII 04-01-09 08:46 PM

april fools by the title itself

spurduncan21 04-21-09 09:29 PM

thats messed up man

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