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Sparkle 03-18-09 12:27 AM

Eva Longoria Parker Celebrates B-Day Sans Hubby
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Eva Longoria Parker Celebrates B-Day Sans Hubby

While her hubby Tony Parker is off playing for the San Antonio Spurs, Eva Longoria Parker's BFF Mario Lopez was around to help the actress celebrate her 34th birthday last night.

Their venue of choice? Eva's restaurant, Beso, of course.

The two hit the Hollywood hot spot for a late dinner and exited to a slew of shutterbugs trying to snap pictures. Mario seemed so flustered by all the attention that he couldn't even say what he bought the birthday girl for her big day.

After escorting Eva to her car arm in arm, Mario hopped into his own ride and drove off. Does anyone else think these two seem a little too friendly, or is it just us?

Eva Longoria Parker Celebrates B-Day Sans Hubby - E! Online

Jules 03-18-09 01:54 PM

Hmm, I thought that Tony was with her on Sunday and that's why he played so badly on Monday.

I, for one, do think that a man and woman can be just friends and it's these magazines and online sites like E! that make it so hard for celebrity couples.

lena1102 03-18-09 02:07 PM

My best friend is a man, he's been my best friend since high school. He's married, I'm married; he's more of a brother to me than my own brother. Having said that, we don't hold hands (she did look tipsy tho.) They are always so physically close to each other, always hanging on.

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