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GalloJD 03-08-09 01:06 AM

Mom, Lynn
Here's an update.

The girl I told you about I haven't found a nice way to call whatever she thinks we have off. She said she got something for my birthday. Spurs related I know, she showed my mother. My mother was like damn its expensive. I need advice, should I keep it? I know I wont return it, lol. Oh boy...

Rzarector7 03-08-09 01:13 AM

So you don't really like her that much at all and are not thinking long term? Just what I got from this, if so I don't know what to tell ya lol. Lynn or Momma come in and save him here ;) Only a woman would know how to let a woman down easily and do it, thats where experienced women like Momma and Lynn come in, if I need help they will help me too lol.

Good luck bro.

lynn7mo 03-08-09 01:27 AM

This is a tough one Danes. If you don't plan to have a relationship with her, you have to tell her you can't accept the gift (no matter how much you like it lol). If you kept it, you would be giving her the impression you want what she wants. When you tell her you can't accept her gift, that would be a perfect time to tell her you only want to be friends with her. I hope that helps!!

jput 03-08-09 06:45 PM

Listen to Lynn.

Dasher 03-08-09 06:54 PM

Good advice Lynn. :thumb

Money4Nothing 03-09-09 11:26 AM

You finish it like taking off a bandaid.


Seriously, no woman wants to be led on. Tell her that you just wanna be mates or best friends, but that you don't think you're compatible for a long term, romantic, intimate relationship. Let her be hurt and cry it out or whatever, and then come back to her later and be her friend after a couple months when she's had a chance to get over it.

For sure tell her that you don't want to accept the gift, and break it off. If she's a girl with a strong character, she'll probably ask you to keep it anyways, if you are good friends. In that case you can go ahead and keep it.


lscarlett 03-11-09 03:36 PM

Agree with the previous advice of Lynn and Money. The sooner you tell her the better. And unfortunately that means not keeping the gift--if you really like it, go buy it for yourself.

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