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Dasher 02-12-09 11:57 AM

OctoMom -- It Was a Very Goodyear
OctoMom -- It Was a Very Goodyear
Posted Feb 12th 2009 7:30AM by TMZ Staff

The only thing more painful than having eight babies cut out of you: Carrying them in your ridiculously distended belly. Ouch!



jmbarton 02-12-09 09:13 PM

This lady = crazy

TexasNative 02-12-09 09:28 PM

I just went blind. I need a Braille version of this website now....

TheBronze 02-13-09 07:29 PM

She & that Dr need some serious psychological intervention!

Dasher 02-13-09 10:20 PM

OctoMom Gets Nailed
OctoMom Gets Nailed
Posted Feb 13th 2009 6:30PM by TMZ Staff

With her 14 progeny nowhere in sight, octuplet mother of the year Nadya Suleman took time out of her busy press schedule to get a federally subsidized manicure in Norwalk, Calif. on Friday.


It's nice to see her doing something for herself. :smirk

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