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Dasher 02-04-09 03:19 PM

Semi-naked PETA protesters draw a crowd
Semi-naked PETA protesters draw a crowd

Group is protesting the amount of water the cattle industry uses.
By Michael Board
Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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The entrance to the Alamo was packed this afternoon, but people were not there to see the shrine of Texas liberty.

The animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals staged a protest involving a makeshift shower and a nearly-naked woman.

"The whole process of raising and killing animals for food uses a tremendous amount of water. Slaughterhouses require tons of water to wash and clean," activist Colleen Higgins tells News Radio 1200 WOAI.

She says she was shocked when she was told how much water the cattle industry uses.

"It roughly comes to 2,463 gallons of water for one pound of meat. So every time you skip eating that pound meat, you're saving more water than if you were to skip showers for six months.

Of course, many of the onlookers were not there to be educated. They were more interested in the raven-haired radical who was willing to take a shower in the middle of Alamo Plaza.

Higgins says it's all part of their master plan.

"Whether people coming to see naked women or the shower, they're leaving with our message."

News Radio 1200 WOAI San Antonio Texas

Dasher 02-04-09 03:21 PM

doh! wrong forum. :lol

FairWeatherFan 02-04-09 10:13 PM

1 LB of beef may equal 2463 gallons of water, but if it's cooked right it's worth every drop. That said, I support and encourage that young lady in her efforts to educate us all through public semi-nudity.

FamousJames 02-06-09 09:06 PM

She didn't seemed that commited to the cause if you ask me?! ;)

Eddy from Austin 02-20-09 02:18 PM

= 4 Quarter Pounders :food

shelden 02-24-09 05:18 PM

Yeah, I always shower with my heels on. :lol

Let's see some real commitment, PETA. Come up to Indianapolis and shower on Monument Circle in February.

braeden0613 02-24-09 11:19 PM

"It took a while, but the protestor got comfertable"

WOAI is letting 11 year olds type their captions again.

Money4Nothing 02-25-09 10:22 AM

What I want to know is, what's the problem with using water to create food?

While its true that potable water supply in many parts of the world is in danger, using water does not contribute to greenhouse gasses, CO2, nor is it an unreplenishable resource.

Water is a self-recycling resource on this planet.

I'm not seeing any problems. Use water, get food. Sounds like a good deal to me!

And by the way, it takes a lot of water to grow plants for food also. Not quite as much, but by the time you finish processing things like wheat and corn for food, you have used up nearly the same amount of energy as you would have processing meat. It actually takes more energy to make a pound of white bread than it does to make a pound of beef.


jput 02-26-09 01:45 AM

There are some women who just don't like meat.

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