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JTD 01-20-09 07:29 AM

What a glorious day for History!!!
What a great day for the USA!:celebrate

Skunk Works 01-20-09 10:14 AM

U can watch it live at cnn.com if ur at work. ;)

spurs178 01-20-09 11:14 AM


timm 01-20-09 12:26 PM

oddly enough, the feeling is somewhat like after the spurs win a championship - mostly relief, mixed with a little pride.

Dasher 01-20-09 01:48 PM

:clap Now let's put America first!

Jason R 01-20-09 06:46 PM

Watched it school with the kids. Good stuff.

TexasNative 01-20-09 07:58 PM

Chief Justice Roberts. Does he need notes? :shrug

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