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TexasNative 05-14-07 07:55 PM

Top 10 Reasons Barnacle Bill's Restaurants Closed Down
10) They couldn't get the Pope to make Lent year-round.

09) ???

pixie 05-14-07 08:19 PM

9)Their food tasted and looked like it came out of someones toilet

MomBear 05-14-07 08:26 PM

8) No one in San Antonio could figure out what a barnacle was. :shrug

DivineMissB 05-14-07 09:07 PM

What Happened To Them?

Yesterday was the BIG "Bring Mom in for FREE Food" and all of a sudden this morning they were all boarded up like a hurricane hit them.

TexasPandaMama 05-14-07 10:06 PM

whaa? really. That place was awful. and dirty gross inside.

Robinator 05-15-07 01:54 AM

The worst day at Sea Island is/was much better than Barnacle Bill's best day.

SAScrub 05-15-07 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by SpurInDallas (Post 1104247)
They realized KTD's mom was in the restaraunt thus giving away the "fish smell"



Holy Man 05-15-07 09:56 AM


Originally Posted by To be named later (Post 1104474)
7) A bad case of Crabs.



Amente 05-15-07 11:51 AM

and yet Fred's Fish Fry lives on.

Go figure.


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