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timdunkin2000 05-11-07 05:42 PM

Post pictures of your dog
Hank and my niece, Julia.

ATH 05-11-07 06:39 PM


We adopted this one as a puppy when we moved up here. we had no idea he would get so big!


TexasNative 05-11-07 08:55 PM


He looks a lot like his mother. She was one mean biatch.

Mombear 05-11-07 10:15 PM

Not my dog but a friend of mine's rescued greyhound... and for those of you on 40's friends... that's azz's dog Daisy. :)

xmiltsx 05-11-07 10:32 PM

my jack russell, rajah


Mombear 05-11-07 10:46 PM

Enjoy watching the playoffs Ray Ray... :hat

Crazydavy 05-12-07 11:26 AM

Well this isn't a dog but his is my pet hedgehog George eating dinner.


shelden 05-12-07 03:04 PM

^^George looks like he would say, "Touch my food and lose a finger, sucker!" :lol

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