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ATH 05-09-07 08:46 PM


ATH 05-09-07 10:08 PM


Mombear 05-09-07 10:35 PM

no you click on the link you want:
Then just copy Gbj_untnoVg

click on the YouTube icon http://www.spursreport.com/forums/images/utube.jpg

put that info inbetween the [YOUTUBE] and volla...


Simon2150 05-10-07 09:53 AM


Originally Posted by Dasher (Post 1098584)
damn ATH..that video is touching.

:tissue :word You're not kidding....

ATH 05-10-07 11:41 AM

I remember coming back. I got in at around 10:30pm. My kids were already sleeping, and my son was 2 1/2 years old (daughter was too young to remember me). I decided not to wake him up. In the morning, I opened his door and he stood up in his crib. When he realized who was standing in his doorway, he thrust his arms into the air and I picked him up. He buried his head in my shoulder with his arms tight around my neck and didn't let go for five minutes straight. I'll never forget that.

Obviously this video made me cry.

VDeal 05-10-07 03:06 PM

I don't mind saying that this brought me to tears also.

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