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beeballerblueUK 05-08-07 09:52 PM

Cell phone advice!!
Any Cingular Wireless users out there in Spurs country with cell phone knowledge:
There are soooooooo many different types of cell phones out there and I'm looking for one that is most importantly equipped with an mp3 player, is below $300 with my 2 year contract discount, and is attractive, well made, etc. If anyone around here has some advice on what type of phone would be the best for me, it would be much appreciated!!

TexasNative 05-08-07 10:07 PM

Cingular. Raising the bar.



xmiltsx 05-08-07 10:23 PM

i have the slvr. it's an alright phone, decent camera and has itunes. it maxes out at 100 songs though. i paid 200 on ebay for it without a 2 year plan.

B-Hath 05-08-07 10:29 PM


Samsung Slider D807

I got this one about 6 months ago and am very happy with it. Records video and audio. Plays mp3's as well. I haven't tested out it's mp3 playing abilities but I know it does it. I paid about $125 with a 2 year contract 6 months ago. I think you can almost get one free now also.

The Samsung Blackjack looks pretty sweet also, but it's gotten mixed reviews.

beeballerblueUK 05-09-07 04:15 PM

Yeah, I was looking at the slider but just about everyone I know has it (including my mom :yikes ) I really like the Blackjack and the Sync as well.

Money4Nothing 05-09-07 04:16 PM

Go to the store and make the salesman earn his living. Try out all the phones and play with the settings to see which ones you like.


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