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ATotalBIATCH 05-01-07 12:03 PM

Burnt Out Or Burned Out
Not sure what the title should be.... But here goes I am soo burned out at my current job. I've been here about 1 year and a half. Any suggestions on where to apply.

ATotalBIATCH 05-01-07 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by Blake (Post 1088347)
Burned out?

you could go on many exciting adventures and see the world..........join the Marines

I think I am too much of a sissy to join the Marines...

ATH 05-01-07 12:08 PM


I think I am too much of a sissy to join the Marines...
oh, well join the navy then. :lol

necron 99 05-01-07 12:13 PM

cheer up, you could be shoveling elephant sh*t at the zoo. :)


evenstar 05-01-07 04:17 PM

costco is a good place to work if you are into that kind of thing. i just quit working there, but i'd recommend it for someone looking for a new job.

starting pay is 11 bucks an hour, company wide :D

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