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spUrpenguin3000 04-29-07 09:31 PM

Drive got cancelled
im pissed off...effing FOX...its a good show...
:pissed :pissed :pissed :pissed

spUrpenguin3000 04-29-07 09:38 PM


Originally Posted by phillyspurslover (Post 1085809)
damn, already?

that sucks. i was enjoying it.

oh well. it wasn't THAT good.

funny though...tv shows are like coaches/managers in sports, anymore. they don't give anything a chance to build success. it needs to be an instant hit or it's gone.

shows like seinfeld never would have gotten to legendary status in today's tv world. bummer.

there was so much going on. but i was wondering how long it would be with that storyline. like 3 really small 5 episode seasons or something. but all i know is the last 2 episodes will be shown sometime this summer and/or online.

B-Hath 04-30-07 11:12 AM

Typical of FOX. I feel bad for Tim Minear (producer) and Nathan Fillion. This is the second TV series with FOX that was never given a real chance that they were both part of. The first being Firefly.

I feel like if the show was on a Big 3 network, than it would have been given a snowballs chance. It might also still be on the air if it was on a cable network. Those FOX execs are ridiculously quick to blow a series up.

B-Hath 04-30-07 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by ladyspur (Post 1086551)
I think the reason it didn't make it is because all the actors were unknown. :shrug

I've never seen any of those actors. :lol

Noted, but think about Heroes. The only actor in Heroes that I had heard of was Greg Grunberg. That was only because of Alias. Star studded TV series like 30 Rock and West Wing and 24 can work to supply a built in audience, but shows like Heroes, Friends, Seinfeld (to an extent) made stars out of virtual unknowns.

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