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spurssheriff 04-28-07 02:51 AM

Bill O'Reilly Goes Ballistic Again
Bill O'Reilly loses his mind when a female FOX News contributor suggests that Bill Moyers' documentary was accurate and well-produced.


If anyone is interested...

You can view the documentary here: http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/btw/watch.html

TexasNative 04-28-07 12:53 PM

Moyer is presenting a point of view. That's something O'Reilly does daily. If you can't stand the heat.......

MomBear 04-28-07 01:01 PM

Someone needs anger management classes... and soon!

and Jane http://img239.imageshack.us/img239/7591/23325cz3.gif

micah76 04-28-07 02:20 PM

I could never be on his show, I would backhand him and call him bad names while he was on the ground crying.

spUrpenguin3000 04-28-07 02:54 PM


spurssheriff 04-28-07 03:23 PM

He hates the fact that he was one of the main people who helped push the Bush/Cheaney agenda and sold the public on going to war. Now their calling him on it and it's making him look like a tool. Those additional few seconds he is b*tching about don't make him look any better. O'Reilly is a holier than though tool and a pervert (as shown in the lawsuit he had to pay to go away).

GM5K 04-28-07 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by micah76 (Post 1084430)
I could never be on his show, I would backhand him and call him bad names while he was on the ground crying.

thats what im talkin about :rockon

KAD 04-29-07 10:47 AM

I really miss him - no FOX News here!

Nazr For 3 05-01-07 02:16 AM

Wow. This blowhard can't even come out on top on his own f'ing show.

rjv 05-01-07 09:55 AM

can we say severe narcissist complex?

rjv 05-01-07 10:14 AM


Originally Posted by ladyspur (Post 1088136)
Im just being nosey, but how much did he pay? :D

i believe the amount was never revealed though he estimates were between 2-6 million (depending on the source)

TexasNative 05-01-07 10:45 AM

Is the glass half full? Or half empty?

No matter how you answer, you're answer is factually correct. But the difference is in your perspective - how you view things.

Get over yourself, Bill.

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