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DA GR81 210 04-25-07 10:30 PM

hard to believe but true!!!
Man tells thieves 'wait here,' and they do
DALLAS April 24 (UPI) -- Three tough-talking and slow-thinking young men are in custody in Dallas after heeding their victim's advice to wait for him at the airport.
Dallas Police spokeswoman Donna Hernandez said the incident began late Saturday night when Theodore Owens, 45, parked his car outside a friend's house. Three young men approached and struck him on the face with a butt of a gun and demanded money, Hernandez said.

Owens had only a small amount of cash but told the trio he could go to his credit union bank machine at Dallas-Fort Worth International airport, where he works, the Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram reported.

When they arrived, two of the thieves waited in the car while a third accompanied Owens inside. However, the youth couldn't get through security, and Owens told him to wait for him as he withdrew cash.

Owens instead summoned police, who arrested all three and charged them with aggravated robbery charges, the report said.

/////// How dumb can these criminals be now and days???


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