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ATH 04-25-07 01:53 PM

Good News!
The Air Force decided I can go next time around! i won't miss my baby being born! Hooray! :clap

MomBear 04-25-07 02:00 PM

:clap :celebrate That's wonderful news! :)

SAScrub 04-25-07 02:06 PM

This is awesome! Good for you ATH.

ATH 04-25-07 02:16 PM

This is why I joined the Air Force, not the Army (no offense, Army folks, but you know this to be true). AF takes care of their own. Apperently, My boss's boss made the request that I not be sent due to an upcoming birth, and they obliged. I didn't even know he did that until today. I love my job. :D

Matias 04-25-07 02:40 PM

Awesome news. Congrats ATH !!!

TexasPandaMama 04-25-07 03:46 PM

That's great!

shelden 04-25-07 07:29 PM

I'm so happy for you (and your wife)! :D

kyleo 04-25-07 09:29 PM

Well deserved. Glad things worked out so fortunately.

cheesehead4spurs 04-25-07 10:49 PM

I'm happy for you--a baby needs his/her daddy when coming into this world, as does your wife. Enjoy your time. ---cheese

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