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ATH 04-22-07 10:30 PM

Here I go again...
Well, I was informed that in all likelihood I'll be headed back to Iraq in late September/early October. I'll be going for 6 months this time. I don't mind going, but there's one little problem. My wife is due with our fourth child in...guess when?...late September/early October. I've been lucky to always have my deployments inbetween births, but it looks like it's unavoidable this time. I'm kinda bummed.

Still...Fourth Kid! Hooray!!!!:clap

kyleo 04-22-07 11:08 PM

Congrats! You've got the right attitude, and will be back before you know it, hopefully.

obijon80 04-22-07 11:11 PM

Good luck to you, my man. Thanks for your service and get back here safely!

Matias 04-23-07 08:27 AM


Congrats for your 4th kid...:rockon


VDeal 04-23-07 11:50 AM

God Bless you ATH, and here's best wishes for you for a healthy child and wife.

MomBear 04-23-07 10:32 PM

God bless you and your family.

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