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spurssheriff 04-19-07 12:34 PM

Do not open unless you are in a place where you can cry
I debated whether I should post this and then I decided that people should have the choice to view it because it is definitely worth sharing.

As the playoffs gets started, this really will ground us and remind us all what is truly important.

They are a series of photographs.

Pulitzer prize winners from this year.

They tell a story.

Open if you wish:


Matias 04-19-07 12:53 PM

Sometimes we worry too much about stupid things...

TexasPandaMama 04-19-07 12:54 PM

oh wow.

Falcone 04-19-07 01:04 PM


Simon2150 04-19-07 01:20 PM

I teared up, wow, great pictures. This hits home with me because I work for a hospice organization. I do not provide direct patient care and I admire those that do. We have stories like that here too and I am sad when I hear about patients who are so young.

SAScrub 04-19-07 01:41 PM

I'm reminded of this song a father wrote for his sick/dying son.

It's called, "He's My Son" by an artist named Mark Schultz

I'm down on my knees again tonight
I'm hoping this prayer will turn out right
See there is a boy that needs Your help
I've done all that I can do myself
His mother is tired
I'm sure You can understand
Each night as he sleeps
She goes in to hold his hand
And she tries not to cry
As the tears fill her eyes

Can You hear me?
Am I getting through tonight?
Can You see him?
Can You make him feel all right?
If You can hear me
Let me take his place somehow
See, he's not just anyone
He's my son

Sometimes late at night I watch him sleep
I dream of the boy he'd like to be
I try to be strong and see him through
But God who he needs right now is You
Let him grow old
Live life without this fear
What would I be
Living without him here
He's so tired and he's scared
Let him know that You're there

TexasPandaMama 04-19-07 01:51 PM

It is my greatest fear to lose any of my children before I am gone, by any means. At times it has consumed me. I am quite an overprotective mother.

necron 99 04-19-07 02:50 PM

beautiful, thank you spurssheriff, thank you. I know that my wife and I would do no less than what Cyndie did, but as I shed a tear for Derek and Cyndie I think about the recent stories of parents who kill and mame their own children, I just don't understand.....:cry

shelden 04-19-07 04:30 PM

Thanks for posting this.

cheesehead4spurs 04-19-07 05:02 PM

These pictures surely must tug at the heartstrings of anyone who has had the privilege of being able to view these intimate moments shared by a mother and her dying son. Tomorrow night I will visit with a friend of 30 years who is burying her beloved husband. These tragic moments serve as a reminder to us of how fleeting time can be and how important is it to take time from our rigorous lifestyles to ponder what the priorities are in our lives. My family has faced several life-altering crises this year and it does change the way we think about and face things that come up. However it is important that we put such things in perspective and that the sadness is not allowed to control our thoughts. When I come home from work in severe pain, if there is a game, I visit with my SR comrades by post or chat, and I am pleasantly distracted. It is important to partake in pleasures of life as a counterpoint to the everyday tragedy that we may face. Maybe dedicate a day each week to leave your blackberry at home and turn off your cell phone. Then submerse in the wonder that is our planet and the beauty that we derive from our loves and friendships.

rjv 04-19-07 08:36 PM

i am grateful for the opportunity to work in a hospital because it grounds me everyday. there is so much meaning to life and it is not to be found in the complaints of sports fans or mega-rich athletes. i do enjoy sports very much as an escape but i know there are too many dereks in the world that go through too much suffering. they have infinitely greater strength than the greatest of these athletes ever could imagine. and let us not forget that wonderful mother. rest in peace, derek and great post SS.

MomBear 04-19-07 09:23 PM

:( RIP


spurssheriff 04-19-07 09:51 PM

This is one of the reasons I love all of you guys. Spurs fans tend to be very moral, spiritual folks. At least those of you who come here.

You are very welcome.
I am glad that you too were touched by the significance of these photos.

Someone once said that being a single mom was the hardest job in the world. Well, being someone going thru what Cyndie went thru has to be 1000x harder than that. I truly admire her and wish there would be some way we could all contact her.

omax 04-19-07 10:54 PM

Yeah..today I clicked on the link while at work and started flipping through the pictures.

I actually had to stop for a while towards the end because I was starting to tear up a tad.

I couldn't even image going through something like that.

Matias 04-20-07 08:32 AM

I watched John Q yesterday night on TV...anybody knows if it was a real story?

spurssheriff 04-20-07 10:30 AM


Originally Posted by bonnington (Post 1078035)
Thanks Sheriff for posting. Thank you.

You are welcome.

kyleo 04-20-07 12:16 PM

:( Devastating. Just awful. I have no words.

Money4Nothing 04-20-07 03:52 PM

The person who I loved most in the world told me once that the degree to which we can feel pain is equal to the degree to which we can feel joy. The beauty of human existance is that it is to be experienced with others, for good or bad. We are made to share equally in each other's sadness and joy.

RIP Derek


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