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spurssheriff 04-15-07 05:16 AM

You can not trust your eyes!
Don't trust your eyes!

In the pic below you can see two faces.A normal face on the right and a wicked one on the left.Now get up from your chair and walk some 8 steps back and see the magic.The two faces interchange their positions.


MomBear 04-15-07 11:59 AM

:yikes http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/7...eygoofygr9.gif


SASPURS_21 04-19-07 08:43 PM


CRL 04-19-07 09:27 PM

Just like some people I've met.

Spurfan15 04-19-07 09:37 PM

:D Nice. It most definitely switches if you move back enough.

I think if you get far enough and lose focus on the actual eyeballs, your eyes focus on the blackness, and the left one has round black circles so it looks normal.

necron 99 04-20-07 08:41 AM

I just got lasek done....thats messed up.

Money4Nothing 04-20-07 04:02 PM

Is it bad when ur eyeballs trade places?


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