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spurssheriff 04-01-07 07:56 AM

McCain MySpace Pranker gets a visit from the FBI
McCain MySpace Pranker gets a visit from the FBI

First, to understand, you must read or watch this:

Now the story:

****, ****, ****, ****, ****!

OK, there, I got that out of my system. I tried to think up a better title, but that's all I'm thinking right now.

Obviously some people don't share my sense of humor. This afternoon I was happily geeking away when I heard a knock at the door. I went to answer and was presented with a local sheriff and two FBI agents holding a lovely search warrant (scans coming when I can get down to Kinko's in the morning). Apparently, WITHOUT BOTHERING TO ASK A ******* PROGRAMMER WHETHER IT'S POSSIBLE OR NOT, I'm being accused of unlawful entry to the Senator's official web site!!! Anyone with HALF A ******* BRAIN will know that I did NO SUCH THING.

This is what the warrant allowed them to take:

Documents (handwritten or typed), printouts, video tapes, audio tapes, electronic data processing and storage devices, computers and computer systems including central processing units; internal and peripheral storage devices such as fixed disks, external hard disks, floppy disk drives and diskettes, tape drives and tapes, optical storage devices or other memory storage devices; peripheral input/output devices such as keyboards, printers, video display monitors, optical readers, and related communications devices such as modems; together with system documentation, operating logs and documentation, software and instruction manuals, computer disks, computers, computer storage devices, passwords or other items which are or contain evidence of violation of the above-described violations including the following:
(1) items which contain or refer to the Internet address "http://myspace.com/JohnMcCain"
(2) items which contain or refer to protest movements or anti-government activities or organizations...

It goes on for about another half a page, but you get the idea...

Basically, I'm ****ed. As a programmer, my whole ******* life revolves around computers, so they've basically taken my life away. Sure I'll get it back eventually, but it's still going to be hell trying to work Monday - and exactly how I'll explain the loss of two VOIP phones to my boss I have no idea. Anyone got a cheap laptop? Oh, and get this - they even took my Year Zero lithos!!!

Anyway, when the dust settled this evening, I managed to persuade a neighbor to let me use her PC to get this out to you all. I am OK (so don't worry), and I already have a very good lawyer. I'm really tired right now, but will update you all in the morning at some point.

Oh, and here's a picture another neighbor took on her cell phone this afternoon - a little embarrassing, yes, but the neighbors have actually been very supportive, bless 'em - once I explained what happened they realized immediately how STUPID the whole thing was.


Hey kids, be careful out there when spreading the word - never assume THEY won't care!

love hippygeek (aka cLive ;-)

ps - if you want to help me out, all offers would be most welcome!

HELP clive here: link

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