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spurssheriff 03-31-07 06:57 AM

Have you ever snuck food/drinks into the movie theater?
If so, what was it and how did you hide it?

Enjoy the show...


Spurs21 Cowboys21 03-31-07 11:55 AM

:lol nice video... I was watchin some of Nalts other stuff yesterday. Here is one I thought was kinda funny....

As for sneaking food in... I do it all the time with things like large pringle cans, candy, cheese wiz, boxes of triscuits, large bags of chips, etc. They never say anything. Actually, the only time I've gotten in "trouble" was wearing a spiderman mask because of security issues. After I got in, I put it back on and nobody said anything.

kyleo 03-31-07 12:01 PM

I used to sneak in Jimmy John's in my backpack. I usually went with friends on Friday after class, and I doubt the theater cared at matinee times.

TexasPandaMama 03-31-07 12:28 PM

I haven't bought snacks at the theatre in YEARS

I alwasy sneak stuff in. Usually crackers, beef jerky, tea, once a very large container of grapes.

It pays to have large purses.

shelden 03-31-07 06:26 PM

One of the few reasons I even carry a purse. If they really wanted us to buy the snacks at the movie theaters, they wouldn't make up such outrageous prices. I know that's where they make the profits, but give me a break. Oh, and my favorite snack: Lifesavers, any flavor.

triple 03-31-07 09:06 PM


pizza, taco bell, burgers, even drinks.

when the kids were babies, we used to sneak in food in the diaper bag.

babalanja 03-31-07 09:24 PM

Used to sneak beers once in a while back in high school, but just for B movies and horror flicks--never family movies.

It's all fun and games until somebody gets careless and an empty starts rolling towards the front.

triple 03-31-07 11:55 PM

^^so true. ^^
there was this one movie theater that stinked of old beer on the floor. gross. uncool.

spurssheriff 04-01-07 07:27 AM


Originally Posted by triple (Post 1065301)
^^so true. ^^
there was this one movie theater that stinked of old beer on the floor. gross. uncool.

Which theater was that?

The Aztec?
The Woodlawn?
The Olmos?
The Alameda?

triple 04-01-07 09:39 AM

^^^^it was a theater in plainview, texas.

OUSpursGal6513 04-01-07 04:58 PM

Heck yes I do! I make myself look like an irregularly shaped disproportioned obese lady. I just stuff it down the front of my shirt while wearing a jacket and I'm good to go....kind of.

baseline bum 04-01-07 06:54 PM

My friends and I used to bring weed into the Galaxy and smoke it in the back of the theater during the late shows on weekdays.

Spurs|ATX| 04-01-07 10:32 PM

hahahaha, reminds me of High School, me and my buddies would bring in beers, there would always be that one guy who knocks over his bottle and you hear it roll alllll the way down to the front!!

Not-so-Smart 04-02-07 12:58 AM

I once snuck a very large snake into a theatre in my pants.

TexasPandaMama 04-02-07 06:40 AM


Originally Posted by Hantler (Post 1065233)
:wtf what kinds of movies you seeing?

How is bringing a pack of beef jerky or a bottle of tea supposed to be indicative of what kind of movie I was watching??

Albert and I happen to love beef jerky. :shrug. Didn't realize beef jerky was so odd :D

Jason R 04-02-07 06:43 AM

It's not against the rules anyway.

SAScrub 04-02-07 08:58 AM

Candy...all the time. No way in hell I'm paying $4 for sour patch kids.

Lately we've not bought anything inside, but when we do it's usually a large popcorn and a couple of Icees.

Not-so-Smart 04-02-07 10:13 PM

I also snuck in some salty nuts in a sack in my trousers.

Dirty Horry 04-02-07 11:51 PM

I knew a girl who always snuck an open faced roast beef sandwich.

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