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spurssheriff 03-27-07 04:43 AM

Video: Cockroach vs. Weatherman
If you thought the lady reporter getting clawed by the cat was funny, this clip could be in the running for the most hilarious on-screen news moment ever. Make sure to watch it to the end.


Queer eye for a straight Roach?

TexasPandaMama 03-27-07 08:12 AM

:laugh hilarious!

Money4Nothing 03-27-07 12:45 PM



spurssheriff 03-27-07 02:53 PM


I just laughed my a** off again.

Amente 03-27-07 02:55 PM

saw that on VH1 a couple of months.

Made their top 20 hilarious web vids.

VDeal 03-27-07 04:05 PM


PHANTOM21 03-27-07 04:15 PM

like oh my gawd!

TexasNative 03-28-07 09:23 AM


Originally Posted by Hantler (Post 1063338)


The future host of the "Not-so Man Show." :laugh

cheesehead4spurs 03-28-07 10:08 PM

:laugh :laugh :laugh Sure got my chuckle for the day

MomBear 03-28-07 10:14 PM

ewwww... :laugh

joshtd1 03-29-07 08:10 AM

Roaches are disgusting..there was one in my room all last night bothering me..at one point it was on my door and fell on my shoulder as i left my room, but I finally eliminated the damn thing.

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