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spurssheriff 03-21-07 05:30 AM

Adobe says no way to Vista updates
Adobe says no way to Vista updates

Adobe says you'll have to upgrade to new versions of popular (and really expensive) software like Photoshop, InDesign and DreamWeaver if you want them to run well under Windows Vista.

Current versions of many Adobe products won't run flawlessly under Windows Vista, this announcement only confirms that they never will. So, if you're a creative professional (who hasn't already jumped ship to OS X) start getting out the check book. Adobe's CS3 creative suite will be out next week, and it ain't gonna be cheap.

We probably should have realized something was up when Adobe's own document on Vista compatibility (which we wrote about almost a month ago) dodged the question by stating that Adobe would release free patches for "some of Adobe's currently available products." To our credit, it would have been much easier to spot if they'd said, "some of Adobe's currently available products, but not the ones anyone actually uses or cares about."


Sith Lord 03-21-07 09:17 AM

that sux that Windows isn't being more adobe friendly.


kidd_91 03-21-07 09:20 AM

that sux that Adobe isn't being more consumer friendly.

Hairyhandedgent 03-22-07 12:58 AM

that sux that consumers aren't being more adobe and windows friendly.

VDeal 03-22-07 10:20 AM

That sux that there aren't more friends

Hairyhandedgent 03-22-07 10:30 AM

Introducing the new President of Microsoft


and the Board of Directors of Adobe


I'll bet things will be different now

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