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spurssheriff 03-20-07 03:17 AM

Pretty fail safe cure for a sore throat

Best remedy for a sore throat (whether viral, bacterial or strep) is very surprising-- and look at all the users who say it works!

TexasPandaMama 03-20-07 08:37 AM

My Paw-Paw is a firm believer in Cayenne cure all. OOoh and he also (I swear it) uses whiskey for nose spray. I remember a few years back at Christmas he talked my mom into trying it and she said she thought that her sinuses were going to burst into flames.

Money4Nothing 03-20-07 08:55 AM

I often use whiskey and lemon juice for sore throat. That or HERBAL TEA ftw


B-Hath 03-20-07 11:54 AM

I've had a sore throat for the past couple of days. I'll have to try this out.

Money4Nothing 03-20-07 01:41 PM

Actually, Cayenne gargle will absolutely work, if you can stand it. It does the same thing that hot tea or whiskey or lemon juice does, it numbs the nerves at the back of your throat. And it doesn't wash away very easily from swallowing, so the effects persist. If you can stand the side-effects :D

I prefer just to drink whiskey, because once the numbness wears off, you can always drink more! :beer


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