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andrea js 03-05-07 07:23 PM

Guys help me out please!
ok..turns out I'm getting a new car, yay :D ...but i can't decide btw 2 models...

Exhibit A. Fiat Palio


Exhibit B. Fiat Siena


They're basically the same but different appearance, price is almost the same too..

spursfeva_31 03-05-07 07:30 PM

the palio thingy!!! Its cuter.

and it can be gay with my car.

andrea js 03-05-07 07:31 PM


Originally Posted by Blake (Post 1050974)
don't see too many of those running around San Antonio....

lol i've never seen a fiat in the US..for real

but here they're somewhat common..I've had one for 4 yrs now and it's been good.


Originally Posted by spursfeva_31 (Post 1050976)
the palio thingy!!! Its cuter.

and it can be gay with my car.

1 vote for the palio!

Thx for playing :)

Hairyhandedgent 03-05-07 07:42 PM

I owned a total of 3 fiats ...my advice ...get to know your mechanic ...dress sexy when you do and hope he develops a crush on you ...it's been about 20+ years since they sold fiats in the USA soI know nothing of the new models ...but mine were this model and they are beautiful http://imageigloo.com/images/218380spi3.jpg

unfortunately beautiful cars are like beautiful women, expensive and not very reliable

babalanja 03-05-07 08:03 PM


(I would go with the second one, but mostly b/c it looks like it has more storage capacity)

Matias 03-06-07 09:08 AM

Palio for 1 or 2 people.
Siena for more than 2.

Eddy from Austin 09-09-15 11:12 AM

Get the Palio.
I hope it's not too late.

Mombear 09-24-15 04:36 PM

lol Eddy...

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