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Pizbo 03-05-07 02:36 PM

Help staying awake
So as tests roll around once again I find myself drinking barrels of coffee to keep myself awake.

Do any of you know of anything healthier that keeps you awake? I've heard that eating apples helps but I'm not a big fan.

SAScrub 03-05-07 02:40 PM

Apples are good, and one a day keeps the doctor away.

But, one bad apple will spoil the whole bunch.

You might want to try oranges, but that would be like comparing apples to oranges.

Pizbo 03-05-07 02:54 PM

Were you being serious about the oranges? I ******* love oranges.

necron 99 03-05-07 04:07 PM

drink Red Bull....it gives you wings!

Hairyhandedgent 03-05-07 04:11 PM

Methamphetamines ..... helping truckers get goods to market for decades*

*not meant as actual medical advice. Please consult a physician or a teamster.

VDeal 03-05-07 05:51 PM

Crack, but I'm not sure its so healthy.

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