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spurssheriff 03-02-07 06:54 PM

Robert Deniro's War on Terror
This made it past the network censors, so I guess it's okay to post.
My question is.. How in the world did he keep a straight face?


Hairyhandedgent 03-02-07 07:03 PM

Deniro is such a pro ...

VDeal 03-03-07 05:50 PM

Suddenly I have a craving for some Dickens Cider.

Jason R 03-03-07 05:58 PM

That was great.

MomBear 03-03-07 06:05 PM

:lol that was great!

SAScrub 03-05-07 08:19 AM

I remember when that first came out...absolutely hilarious!

necron 99 03-05-07 09:51 AM

Thats been around for a while but it still cracks me up everytime I see it.:laugh

VDeal 03-06-07 03:51 PM

They forgot the world known terrorist:

Uuups Ah Krapp'd Mipahntz

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