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Christer 05-31-15 10:46 AM

Mad Max: Fury Road
Went to go see Mad Max last night and I am thoroughly impressed. This is how a reboot is done right. Now, it may not be for everyone since it certainly rates up there on the weird-shiz-o-meter but in the really cool/really interesting way. Minimal character development but outstanding action and world-building (which is paramount in my book). Charleze Theron and that guy who was dating Jennifer Lawrence (Nic Hoult) go hard in the paint.

Whole-heartedly recommend for someone looking for an intriguing action movie. A must-see for fans of the Borderlands games since it is basically Borderlands the movie.


Dulce 06-02-15 08:43 PM

I've been seeing a lot of good reviews about this movie. Probably will go see it this weekend.

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