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Guille 01-07-13 07:28 PM

Spurs Related - Web Documentary Project
Dear Spursreport folks:
I have a question for all of you. Last Night an idea came to my head about preparing a web documentary about "following the NBA dream" for an argentinian fan. That is, preparing a trip from Argentina to the US to watch a San Antonio Spurs game, and everything that would take to fullfill it. Namely costs, how to organize and put together the trip, where to stay, what places to visit while in San Antonio and stuff like that. (I already did How to Make it in San Francisco, in LA and in New York, with the same model, but for television fans), and now it would be for NBA Fans.

Now, here´s for the help I need:

- I am thinking that probably the best stretch to do it is March 11-16 (so I can catch SAS vs OKC, SAS vs DAL and SAS vs CLE) thoughts on that?
- My first budget idea is that I will nearly need 3,000 US Dollars (Flight tickets alone are almost half of that money). Question is: Do you think I can do a week in San Antonio (hotel, public transportation, foods, tickets for the three games and some memorabilia) with the rest of the money? Or Should I raise more money?
- For that period of time in March, do I bring a lot of clothes? is it warm, is it cold, is it both?
- I would love also to contact the Spurs organization in order to tell them about my project so maybe I can get to a practice or something, and(or talk to somebody there for interviewing. Anyone can recommend me who to contact?
- As the dates get closer, I´ll start contacting the ones of you that live over there. I´ve been reading you guys for almost a decade and I´d love to meet whoever is over there available then. Maybe someone will even attend to the games I´m planning to. Besides, I want to also interview some of the Spurs Fans. Who better than the ones here.

Well, that´s it for now. I am also posting this on the Facebook Page

necron 99 07-21-14 11:43 AM

for us in the U.S. that is spring break time so you will need to book early, as well as for the tickets because you are looking at the hottest sellers.

PHANTOM21 10-13-16 08:59 PM


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