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alh1020 05-17-11 08:43 PM

Big Mac Attack: Man Eats 25,000th Burger
Fond du Lac, Wis. – How many Big Macs have you eaten in your lifetime? Well, a Wisconsin man knows exactly how many of the iconic burgers he’s scarfed down over the years, and the number will probably blow your mind.

A special ceremony was planned Tuesday afternoon at McDonald’s in Fond du Lac for Don Gorske. That’s because, since 1972, Gorske has eaten at least two Big Macs a day, which means the 57-year-old will be eating his 25,000th Big Mac on the 39th anniversary of eating his first.

The Fond du Lac man says he ate nine on May 17, 1972 and has only missed nine days since then, for various reasons.

He has kept most of the boxes or receipts or has made specific notes in calendars that he’s kept.

Gorske says he probably has an obsessive-compulsive disorder but he doesn’t consider it a problem.

He jokes that 25,000 is a milestone because people didn’t think he’d live this long. But he says he recently saw a doctor who said he was in good health and his cholesterol is low.

alh1020: I am happy to report that I am no where near Mr Gorske's milestone; however, I have to confess that Big Macs are my 'secret' pig out lunch. Once in high school I ate 4 Macs in one sitting (what a wimp). My buddy ate 11 and later paid homage to the porcelain god. I'd be hard pressed now to even put two down.

Big Mac Attack: Man Eats 25,000th Burger - FoxNews.com

Sparkle 05-22-11 05:34 AM

I can't even remember the last time I ate a Big Mac. :sick


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